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Congratulations Helena and Vova!

Silver Medalists in Jr. Dance at Nationals! 

Eastern Sectionals & Dance Finals

Congratulations Lucas!

We are so happy to announce that Lucas has won the 2022 Senior Solo Dance Nationals! 

Congratulations to Lucas, his family, and his coaches!

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Solo Dance Nationals

Congratulations Adrienne, Lucas and Morgan for being invited

to the 2022 National Solo Dance Final in Santa Clarita, California!

We are so proud! 💙💚⛸💙💚

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Kaylee & Morgan Go to Showcase Nationals!

Annual Labor Day Invitational

Championship's was a huge success!

Congratulations to our skaters that traveled and competed! (Not pictured, club member Alexei) 

Congratulations to Helena and Vova!!!

Congratulations to Helena and Vova for placing first in both their events at the U.S.Junior Challenge Event! You both work so hard, and we are so proud!! Look here!

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Labor Day Live results will be posted!

Labor Day Competition!

Click HERE for more information, including how to register and lodging information! 

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All About the President's Day Competition

The skaters go out and compete at their skating level for a medal. There are 2 parts to the competition. They can do one or the other or both.

The first one is called Elements (Can have group class coach help or hire a private lesson coach to help)

            -Skater goes on ice with a couple other skaters of the same level

            -One at a time they perform the skating element from their level

            -Once all elements are done by each skater the event is over

The second one is called a Program (Recommend a couple private lessons for skater to learn)

            -The skater goes out on the ice alone and skates a routine designed to music about 1:10 mins long.

In each event the skaters have a 3 minute warm up. Medals are given out at the end of the competition. There will be a photographer there.

The competition is on Monday February 16 from 9:00am-12:00pm. The actual skate times of the events is released around Monday February 9. The cost for the first event is $30. The second event is $15. To register please visit the recreation window. Anyone in basic skills or a member of USFS preliminary and below can participate.


Kandis Eckloff

Skating Director

Germain Arena

239-948-7825 ext 1302

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