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New to Figure Skating? Testing Basics

If you are new to the world of figure skating, you may have heard the terms “testing” and “testing session” at the rink.


What is testing? When do I need to test? What is a testing session?


Very simply, testing is for skaters who have finished all of the levels in Learn To Skate and are ready to move on to the higher competitive levels of skating. If you (or your skater) would like to compete in levels above the last level of Learn To Skate (which is called Freestyle 6 or “No-Test”), you will have to test and pass into the level where you wish to compete.


You take these tests during a testing session, where one skater at a time performs the required test in front of a qualified judge. 


There are two basic kinds of tests, one is called Moves In The Field, the other Free Skate. Both follow the same track of levels, so for each level there is a Moves In The Field test as well as a corresponding Free Skate test.


The levels?











If you are skating in Freestyle 6/No-Test and would like to move up, you will first need to take (and pass) the Pre-Preliminary level Moves In The Field test. Passing the Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field test allows you to take the corresponding Pre-Preliminary Free Skate test. You will then be allowed to compete in the Pre-Preliminary level.


Still with me? Think of the tests and levels this way. Passing your Moves In The Field test is sort of like a “ticket” to take the corresponding Free Skate test. Passing your Free Skate test is the “ticket” to compete in that level. You (or your skater) will follow the test track from Pre-Preliminary through Senior by taking the Moves In The Field test and then the corresponding Free Skate test for each level.


A couple of notes here.


Once you pass into any level of competition, you can not go back and compete at a lower level. Also, since the Moves In The Field test is only a “ticket” to take the Free Skate test, you can take and pass Moves In The Field tests without having to compete in those corresponding levels. 


You will perform your test without music, and most skaters wear something long sleeved and dark (so it will be easy for the judge to see your body position against the white ice). While you are testing, it is important that you are polite and that you smile.


Confusing? Absolutely.


This is a very basic explanation and is just meant to get you started. If you would like to see the official rules and requirements for testing, visit the US Figure Skating Test webpage by clicking here:


If you still have more questions, ask a coach or a veteran skating parent! They have a wealth of knowledge as they have been through the testing process many times.


One more question, is testing hard?


The Pre-Preliminary tests are not very difficult, but the levels of testing get much harder as you move from Pre-Preliminary to Senior. Many, many skaters go to a testing session and do not pass - so don’t get disheartened if this happens. Testing is meant to prove mastery of a certain skill, like edges or turns, so any skater will have to work hard and practice to be able to pass.


Libby Cook, FEFSC

with the help of Lynda Rowley and Michelle Anselmi

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