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Ashley Easterly


Sarah Geiger
Sophia Kruszewski


Anna Perri
Michaela Sewall
Mikaela Brumagin


Nicole Gagliardo


Jamie Stuckert
Taylor Roberts


Jeana Peters
Lauren Skaathun
Masha Koroleva


Jessica Wasch
Tracy Tanovich

Please send us your competition and test results, and photos/highlights from any other events in which you participate. Due to the number of events and tests, we can only post information that is e-mailed to us. You can reach us at or by using the form here.

Skater Results

2018 South Atlantic Regionals Non-Qual Competition
October 4rd - 7th, 2018
Coral Springs, FL

Pre-Juvenile Girls - Group A

Hannah Dabees in 3rd


Open Juveile Ladies

Erin Kallin in 14th


Open Juvenile Ladies

Hannah Dabees in 3rd


Pre-Juvenile Girls FINAL

Hannah Dabees in 7th


Pre-Preliminary Girls - Group A

Kiara Petrasovic in 5th


Free Skate 5 Girls Program

Kaylee Culver in 3rd


Free Skate 5 Girls Compulsory Moves

Kaylee Culver in 3rd


2019 South Atlantic Regionals Figure Skating Championship
October 3rd - 6th, 2018
Coral Springs, FL

Novice Ladies QR Group A

Mariah Mele in 13th


Intermediate Ladies QR Group D

Sophia Kruszewski in 11th


Novice Ladies QR Group C

Ashley Easterly in 10th


Juvenile Girls QR Group B

Nichole Higgins in 13th

2018 Southwest Florida Fall Classic
Ellenton, FL
September 15th-16th,2018



Pre-Juvenile Girls Free Skate - Group B

Hannah Dabees in 2nd


Pre-Preliminary Girls Free Skate - Group A

Kiara Petrasovic in 1st


Pre-Preliminary Girls Free Skate - Group D

Katelyn Carroll in 4th


Free Skate 5 Program - Group A

Kaylee Culver in 1st


Juvenile Compulsory Moves

Nichole Higgins in 2nd


Adult Silver Free Skate

Kristin Barber in 2nd

Kerry Louderback-Wood in 3rd


Adult 6 Compulsory

Kathyrn Reid in 1st


Adult 6 Program

Kathryn Reid in 2nd


Adult 1-6 Light Entertainment

Kathryn Reid in 1st


Adult Silver Showcase - Dramatic Entertainment

Kerry Louderback-Wood in 1st


Basic 5 Program - Group A

Sonya Wieberg in 2nd

Serenity Phillips in 4th

16th Annual Labor Day Invitational
August 31st - September 2nd, 2018
Fort Myers, FL

Adult Pre-Bronze Compulsory Moves

Carol Brugger in 3rd

Preliminary Spins

Kiara Petrasovic in 2nd


Juvenile/Open Juvenile Spins

Nicole Higgins in 1st


Intermediate Ladies Short Program - Group B

Sophia Kruszewski in 7th


Novice Ladies Short Program

Mariah Mele in 5th

Ashley Easterly in 6th


No Test Well Balanced Free Skate

Katrina Baiza-Urtaza in 5th


Juvenile Girls Free Skate - Group B

Nichole Higgins in 4th

Kiley Stone in 6th


Pre-Preliminary Well Balanced Free Skate

Kiara Petrasovic in 1st


Pre-Juvenile Well Balanced Free Skate

Hannah Dabees in 1st

Mya Russo in 4th


Open Juvenile Well Balanced Free Skate

Erin Kallin in 2nd


Adult Bronze Well Balanced Free Skate

Carol Brugger in 4th

Heidemarie Burke in 5th


Adult Bronze Well Balanced Free Skate

Kendra Dozier in 2nd

Laurie Krueger in 3rd


Intermediate Ladies Free Skate - Group B

Sophia Kruszewski in 8th


Novice Ladies Free Skate

Ashley Easterly in 4th

Mariah Mele in 6th


Juvenile Girls Free Skate - Final Round

Nichole Higgins in 7th

Kiley Stone in 12th


Basic 3 Elements

Daniella Rivera in 1st


Basic 3 Program with Music

Daniella Rivera in 2nd


Basic 4 Program with Music

Liberty Lager in 8th


Basic 5 Program with Music

Sonya Wieberg in 1st

Claire Owens in 2nd

Serenity Phillips in 3rd


Free Skate 3 Program with Music

Morgan Creech in 1st


Free Skate 5 Program with Music

Kaylee Culver in 1st

Sarah Dabees in 2nd

Charlotte Snow in 4th

27th Annual Orange Blossom Open
July 5th - 8th, 2018
Oldsmar, FL

Novice Ladies Short Program

Sara Feminella in 1st


Novice Ladies Free Skate

Sara Feminella in 1st

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