Florida Everblades Figure Skating Club



Who can be a Volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer for a skating competition, skaters, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or friends. Volunteers are what make competitions successful! Everyone is here with the same goal in mind for the skaters to have a great time. Don’t forget that volunteering for this event will count as FEFSC figure skating club hours! No experience necessary! Even an hour would be a great help.

How will I know what to do?

We will have a Volunteer Meeting before the event to go over the details and answer all of your questions. Volunteers should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled volunteer shift. Sign in at the Registration Desk and a volunteer will walk you through your duties before your shift begins.


Registration is one of the most important jobs of a competition. Skaters check in at the registration desk when first arriving to the competition. Volunteers working registration are responsible for checking skaters in, giving them their “goodie bags”, collecting music and answering any general questions. Registration is located in front of the Big Cypress Club entrance.

Protocol Printer

Protocol is the detailed report of the judges scores and points for each element in a program done by a skater Juvenile and above. This person would look up the report in a notebook or folder or computer (depending on which judging process is used) and make a copy when requested. The Protocol Printer will be located near the Registration Desk.


The Greeter will be present in the lobby with a visible way of showing they are part of this event to answer questions, point someone to the restrooms, etc. - the Greeter would also monitor the white boards outside of each rink, updating them through the day.


Awards are one of the most gratifying jobs of a competition. Volunteers at the awards table are responsible for organizing the winning skaters of each group, announcing the winners, directing them to the proper place on the podium and presenting each skater with their medal or ribbon. Awards are located near the podium.

Ice Monitors

Ice Monitors are responsible for keeping the competition running on time. Ice Monitor volunteers are responsible for checking in skaters prior to competition time, lining up skaters before warm up groups, communicating with judges, announcers and the competition director of any issues that arise with a group and to keep the entrance to the ice arena clear of non-competitors or skating officials. Ice Monitors are stationed rink side with a clipboard, be sure to wear something warm.


Announcers are the voice of the competition. Announcers are responsible for announcing warm up groups, events and skaters names during the competition. They also keep cds in skating order and usually have an assistant to help them play music. Announcers should be responsible and organized, this job is done in rinkside, be sure to wear something warm.


Music Players assist the announcer with the playing of competition music, keep cds in skating order, are  good listeners and can take direction well from the announcer. Music players should be responsible and organized. This job is done rink side, be sure to wear something warm.


This is a fun job for skaters of any age. Runners are responsible for delivering the judges marks to the accounting room and posting results. Volunteers should not interfere with the judges. Volunteers do not actually “run” but should deliver the marks in a timely manner. Runners are stationed rink side, be sure to wear something warm.


This is a great job for someone who would like to help but may not have a lot of time. Hospitality is used to feed our judges and volunteers throughout the skating competition hours. Hospitality hosts are in charge of keeping the room tidy and clean, restocking drinks and food. General hospitality donations are needed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks are needed throughout the day. Food and drinks can be homemade or donated from a store or restaurant.


If you don't know what to sign up for, but are willing to be put anywhere -- dress warmly and sign up as a Floater for the times that you can be there. We will put you where we need you.