Florida Everblades Figure Skating Club

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Public Skate Schedule

Calendar of Events: At a Glance


June 2 6-7 OM Annual Meeting and Volunteer Training

June 9-11 Paradise Coast Classic 


Club Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month via Zoom. They are open to any club member. Please email ​for an invite. (Please email at least 24 hours ahead) 

Keep watching for more club outings in 2023!! 

*dates are subject to change, deadlines in RED


Calendar of Events: Calendar Year starts July 1st!

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Ice Etiquette for Freestyle Sessions

1. Standing, talking, sitting, or game playing on the ice is not allowed.

2. Chewing gum and food are not allowed on the ice. Bottled water is permitted.

3. Skaters may not use earphones or play music on any device not connected to the audio system. 

4. Freestyle music will be placed in rotation order. They will be played in the order they are submitted. The exception is, lesson music will be played out of order only by the coach. After the lesson, that music will be placed at the end of the rotation order.

5. The skater doing their program with music has the right of way. Please be aware of the skater and make every effort to move out the way. Do not stand in the middle of the rink. Keep moving! Freestyle sessions are for practicing. 

6. Procedures for areas of practice on the ice: a) Spins are usually practiced in the center of the arena. b) Jumps are executed in the corners or at either end. c) Practicing of choreography and other connecting steps must be kept moving through the above areas. d) Skaters should be aware of and/or avoid area when another is in the harness.