Florida Everblades Figure Skating Club

We have begun coordinating volunteers for the Christmas Show. Let us know what you can do!

Start planning now - Mark your Calendar!

And, don't forget we are always looking for VOLUNTEERS -- all year round--not just for competitions and shows.

Skaters, have you talked to your coach about how you help build the club by assisting in Learn to Skate classes?

Family members are you on a committee?

Have you considered being a Board Member? Contact any current Board member if you would like to be considered for a nomination.

Be part of this AWESOME  club! Be part of the success! Keep our club great! Many volunteers can share a big load if they all work together.  Our athletes can be successful  BECAUSE of VOLUNTEERS.

Sign up online and pay by paypal!!

Click here to fill out the 2018-2019 membership application.

If you have questions about membership, please contact the Membership Chair at If you have questions about how to fill out the form and/or how to pay, contact

Dear FEFSC Club Members and Prospective Members,

It is time to register your membership for the 2018/2019 skating season! Membership in US Figure Skating and the Florida Everblades Figure Skating Club for 2018/2019 runs from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. It is necessary to have your membership current to compete, test, and participate in club activities.

Our club does have some incentives in place for this season:

  • Early Payment: Sign up by July 1st at a discounted rate of $160 for Active Home Skater and $25 for Parent
  • Introductory Membership: Introductory membership is $100 and is only for members who have not had a USFSA number before. (A LTS-USA number is accepted.) We are offering this membership all year; no additional discounts available.
  • New/Updated Social Membership: Labeled "Supporting Membership" in the past years, we've changed the name to better reflect the reason for this membership. This is for skaters who do not wish to test or compete, but would like to be involved in the club. The cost is $75 (plus 10 hours of volunteer time) and the benefits are the same as Active Home Club Member except FEFSC Test Privileges and Competitions. This membership includes US Figure Skating Membership.
  • Referral Incentive: For each brand new club member referral which results in new membership status, the referral club member will receive $25 credit which may be used to off-set future testing fees or membership dues.
  • Coach Fees: Coaches, please be aware that your membership fees went up ten dollars this year. We are still only asking from you enough to cover what we pay to USFS for your membership.
  • Enrollment after July 1st: If you sign up after July 1st the membership fee will be $175 for Skater and $40 for Parent. * Note, we cannot pro-rate for months missed.
  • Enrollment forms: May be downloaded from our website (, picked up at Germain Recreation Desk, or see any FEFSC Board Member for assistance!  If you have an old form, we can revise it to accommodate above. Even better - you can fill it out online at !

Your membership supports Florida Everblades FSC and US Figure Skating -a portion of your membership dollars goes to US Figure Skating. The rest of the money supports our club operations right here in Estero, Florida.  Your membership dollars cover our monthly operating expenses for things such as testing fees, storage/pod units, mail/office expenses, club ice, etc. The membership monies and fundraising dollars also allow us to have celebrations and functions throughout the year such as parties, competitions, purchase of special equipment, and awards to our skaters.

Exclusive Membership Opportunities:

  • Provides member (except where noted) the right to sign up for USFSA testing sessions (Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Dance, etc.).
  • Provides member (except where noted) the right to sign up for USFSA sanctioned competitions.
  • Exclusive, members-only, website which includes a classifieds section for buying/selling used (or new) skating apparel and equipment, forums, and calendar
  • Provides the member the right to participate in the FEFSC chosen 2018-2019 club sponsored events (October: Halloween Skating Exhibition/Party, December: Holiday Skating Show, and May/June: Annual FEFSC Awards Banquet/Party).
  • Receive monthly USFSA Skating magazine subscription.
  • Become a member of a team and show your pride with Club Apparel.

Club Member Benefits:

  • Becoming a member provides both Skater and Parent the opportunity to meet new people involved in the sport of figure skating. Networking is a great way to educate yourself and grow as a Skater/Skater Parent whether you are involved recreational or competitive track.
  • Participation in club sponsored events such as shows, parties and also an opportunity for Skater/Skater Parent to participate in annual community involvement events for volunteerism.

Our club exists because of its members. We are focusing on growing our membership and club offerings. All of our club’s success comes from its volunteers and we thank our members for the hours given. In the 2017-18 year, we had over 1900 volunteer hours given by the hands of our members – what an awesome group of people we have! This year volunteer hours will continue to be tracked by signing up on or reporting via the web site.   With all members in the club engaged, we can do great things. Please be sure to sign up for the Volunteer news on our Volunteer page and be ready for an exciting year!


  • Labor Day Weekend - Labor Day Competition 
  • Last Week of October – Halloween Skating Exhibition/Costume Party
  • First/Second Week December – Annual Holiday Skating Show
  • Late Spring/Early Summer – Recognition/Awards Banquet
  • May/June – FEFSC Annual Meeting

Thank you for your time and please help grow the Florida Everblades Figure Skating Club by becoming a member! We do want to ensure you that we have a Board in place that are committed to making the season successful as well as a fun and rewarding experience for everyone! 


Your 2018-19 FEFSC Board

Susan Geiger – President

Kelly Kruszewski - Vice President, Competition Chair, Test Chair

Kristy Lee Russo – Secretary, Hospitality Team

Lynda Rowley - Treasurer, Membership Chair, Media Team

Molly Spindler Smith – Coach Liaison

Marcella Marcekova

Michelle Creech


Need Volunteer Hours? Become an FEFSC Volunteer Member!

This is a membership that doesn't cost anything but volunteer hours! Sign up and we'll send you an email when we need people to help us out - and you can have the opportunity to earn some 'cool' volunteer hours with us. If you have questions, please contact us at 

Click here to fill out the form!


Ice Etiquette for Freestyle Sessions

1. Standing, talking, sitting, or game playing on the ice is not allowed.

2. Chewing gum and food are not allowed on the ice. Bottled water is permitted.

3. Skaters may not use individual CD players or Ipods while skating.

4. Freestyle CDs will be placed in a rotation order. They will be played in the order they are submitted. The exception is, lesson CDs will be played out of order only by the coach. After the lesson, that CD will be placed at the end of the rotation order.

5. The skater doing their program with music has the right of way. Please be aware of the skater and make every effort to move out the way. Do not stand in the middle of the rink.

6. Procedures for areas of practice on the ice: a) Spins are usually practiced in the center of the arena. b) Jumps are executed in the corners or at either end. c) Practicing of choreography and other connecting steps must be kept moving through the above areas. d) Skaters should be aware of and/or avoid area when another is in the harness.