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Important! - Stranger Danger

FEFSC has put out a newsletter about Stranger Danger in our area.

It has been a few days since the incidents have been reported in our local area. However these incidents are enough to cause concern for sure, but in light of the stranger danger it is even more important to make sure that each person (child or adult) is aware of their surroundings. Our Media Team will be wearing ID badges during events and any time they are taking pictures for the club.

Parents, please talk to your skaters.Tell them that they can come to any coach, rec employee, or club parent if they feel uncomfortable about any situation. Also tell your skaters to make sure that someone knows where they are if they are not on the Freestyle Ice and have not left for the day. Parents, please remind your skaters to be S.M.A.R.T. (Safety Means Always Recognizing Trouble).


The incident the Collier County Sheriff's have been looking into.

 After reviewing surveillance video from multiple cameras in the library, detectives have determined that the woman involved in this encounter had no intention of harming or abducting the child. Detectives believe that the mother's suspicion was the result of a language barrier. The video shows the woman entering the library, browsing through aisles of books and conversing with librarians prior to the encounter with the child. When the woman approached the child, the child was walking in the direction of the door. After the brief encounter, the woman walked out of the library at a normal pace and waved as she left.

The mother in this case did the right thing by reporting the encounter to law enforcement. We encourage anyone who sees something suspicious to contact law enforcement so that it can be investigated.




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