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Website Under Constuction!


Please forgive the mess, but our website has recently had some issues and we lost a lot of data. Not to worry though! We are working behind the scenes to update every page to bring you the best website ever! If you have any suggestions please email us at 

Thanks for your p…

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2nd Annual Paradise Coast Classic - Hotel Information

2nd Annual Paradise Coast Classic

Congratulations Helena and Vova!

Silver Medalists in Jr. Dance at Nationals! 

Eastern Sectionals & Dance Finals

Congratulations Lucas!

We are so happy to announce that Lucas has won the 2022 Senior Solo Dance Nationals! 

Congratulations to Lucas, his family, and his coaches!

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Solo Dance Nationals

Congratulations Adrienne, Lucas and Morgan for being invited

to the 2022 National Solo Dance Final in Santa Clarita, California!

We are so proud! 💙💚⛸💙💚

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Kaylee & Morgan Go to Showcase Nationals!

Annual Labor Day Invitational

Championship's was a huge success!

Congratulations to our skaters that traveled and competed! (Not pictured, club member Alexei) 

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New Group Classes for Home School Skaters

Home School Group Classes for the Pre-Pre and up level Figure Skater

The classes will start the week of January 4th; however, there will be no power class on January 5th.

10:30-11:00 Monday Skating Skills
Teach skaters their current USFS moves level along with future moves. The class will also help to enhance their footwork sequences for a routine.
10:30-11:00 Tuesday Power
Skaters will learn the most effective way to push through the blade increasing their speed across the ice.
10:30-11:00 Wednesday Jumps
Develop techniques for strong take offs and solid landings
10:30-11:00 Thursday Spins (during home school)
Learn a variety of different positions, entrances to spins.
11:00-11:30 Thursday Choreography (during home school)
Learn to connect with each piece of music while telling the audience a story. Arm movements, facial expression and body language are key.
10:30-11:00 Friday Gliding Elements/Sparkle (during adult class)
Work on those forgotten skating moves. Spirals, Ina Bauers, Wally’s, Split jumps, hydroplanes, etc
11:00-11:30 Friday Ice Dance (during adult class)
A class to learn a variety of ice dances at the skaters own pace. Have Steven come for partnering when possible.
Payment- Taken at Recreation Desk 239-948-7825 ext 1306
Skater would pay $53.00 per 6 weeks of classes
Combo packs
Pewter level-$150.00 for 3 classes per week for 6 weeks
Bronze level-$190.00 for 4 classes per week for 6 weeks
Silver level- $220.00 for 5 classes per week for 6 weeks
Gold level - $245.00 for 6 classes per week for 6 weeks
Platinum level- $255.00 for unlimited classes per week for 6weeks

If you have any questions, please contact Kandis at .

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